Where to Buy Organic Meat in Perth and WA


It is a common question – where to buy organic or bio-dynamic meat in Perth and WA???

Here is a great list of local producers of organic meat along with a number of retailers. Grass-fed organic beef is the best option.

You can download the document here.

DOWNLOAD HERE>>>> Where_To_Buy_Organic_Meat_Perth_WA_141010

  • RED MEAT – there are a number of organic beef retailers and you can also buy direct from many local farmers
  • CHICKEN – there are currently no local producers of organic chickens in WA. Mondo Butchers is a great local wholesaler who has organic chickens, so do Paddoock and Farm in Inglewood.
  • PORK – Linley Valley is free range pork (it is not easy to find organic pork in Perth, WA)

There are some great resources found at: http://www.sustainableseafood.org.au

Download App (apple or android): http://www.sustainableseafood.org.au/pages/download-the-free-app.html

Download pocket guide: http://www.sustainableseafood.org.au/data/MiniGuide_30_May_2014_web.pdf

Buy the 2014 Guide here ($9.95) https://secure.marineconservation.org.au/products.php/12/australias-sustainable-seafood-guide

October 10, 2014


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