Sustainable Choice Windows


Sustainable Window Selections for Perth

Industry studies have identified the Perth metropolitan region as being located in a Mixed Climate Zone referred to as Zone 5.

The following recommendations are made for the Perth local region:

Window Types
Aluminium Thermally Broken

Glass Types
Tint + Clear Low-E
Tint + Clear IGU
Tint + Clear IGU Low-E

Source: The SWA Project

Choosing energy efficient windows will make your home more comfortable, dramatically reduce your energy costs and help to create a brighter , cleaner and healthier environment.

Beautiful windows are possibly the most complex and interesting elements in the fabric of our homes. They provide light and fresh air, and offer views that connect our interior living spaces with the great outdoors.

However, ordinary windows can also represent a major source of unwanted heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter. Today, remarkable new framing and glazing materials have changed the energy performance of windows in a radical way.

Download the case study here

Thanks to The SWA Project and the Perth Window and Door Replacement Company7

July 27, 2014


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