Roopa Pemmaraju – Indigenous art featured as designer clothing style


Roopa Pemmaraju – Indigenous art featured as designer clothing style

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Kickstart project – Fundraising here for their next season fashion line:

If you’ve a passion for art, fashion and fair-trade, while providing work & equality for all – this is a great story about Indigenous Australian artwork coming to life on designer clothing!


ROOPA PEMMARAJU is a luxury Ready-to-Wear clothing line featuring the original artworks of renown Indigenous Australian artists on a canvas of ethically hand-woven Indian fabrics.

Beginning in Australia, designs are developed in collaboration with Artists from initial concept to finished garments, consulting at every stage of the design process to ensure they support the translation from painting to print placement.

Pieces celebrating the vibrant colours of the Australian landscape – green plant life, red sand, spring wildflowers, wild bush berries and fruits, the deep blues and reds of rock formations and the vibrant desert sky are inspiration for the Artists from the Warlukurlangu community.

The garments are made in our production house in Bangalore and employs skilled people who come from rural areas without phone or medical facilities and who travel home to their families for only two months each year. Their loyalty is reciprocated through fair treatment and in wages that are five to six times the national average.


Our Commitment

We value fair trade and ethical dealings, which is why royalties from each garment sale are returned to the artists’ and the artist communities. We are not just creating garments, we are bringing you a story, a feel of techniques that get passed down through the generations from both sides of the globe, a piece of culture and history, that when you wear it gives you a sense of empowerment.

Whats Next

Our passion is unique and our vision is something special that we want to share with you all, this is why we need your help to get the new collection up and running. The funds will go into the creation of the new Spring/ Summer 15 collection.

We need $25,000 to be able to create our new collection and get it into production so we can share with everyone our beautiful designs.

For You

All donations will be greatly appreciated and reciprocated with a gift to you. All gifts will be shipped out promptly with tracking numbers to ensure they don’t get lost in the mail.

Kickstart project – Fundraising here for their next season fashion line:

March 28, 2014


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