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 Banners and Display

Sublitech are recognised experts in the soft signange, display and advertising business. We guarantee a fast personalised service so you receive superior results to promote your business.We have produced all sized customised products from small neck scarf to backdrops for theatre, television networks, retail display, stagesets and sports stadiums. Products include pull-up banners, teardrop banners, flags, tablecloths and more.


igital dye-sublimation is the process by which water-based dyes (or inks) are printed onto a release paper, and then transferred onto a substrate, or surface. These can range from fabrics to ceramics, metals, timber, leather and many other materials – as long as they are treated with a polymer, or acrylic coating.

Sublimation simply means a change from a solid to gaseous state and back to a solid without becoming a liquid. Thus the dye particles migrate from the paper as a gas, to bond with a polymer – the fabric or other material- and become solid again.

The transfer is affected using high heat (205°C) and pressure thus guaranteeing that the image penetrates and becomes an integral part of the substrate.


You can’t get a more green or clean printing process than  dye sublimation. We use only water-based dyes that are so environmentally friendly they can be safely poured down the sink. Traditional screen-printing involves large amounts of wasted water, first to expose the screen by washing away the emulsion, and then to clean the screen of excess inks.

sublimation products

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